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MANY PEOPLE FIND THE TAP WATER IN SCOTTSDALE UNPLEASANT. Water in the Phoenix area is notoriously hard, filled with minerals like calcium, magnesium, and sodium that can make it taste bitter or even salty. Chlorine is also added during the municipal water treatment process, which can add a bleachy, chemical taste. While the water is safe to drink, many prefer bottled water instead. But bottled water is expensive and environmentally unfriendly. For a cheaper, more eco-conscious option, consider installing an under sink reverse osmosis system in your kitchen to leave your water tasting great.

consider installing an under sink reverse osmosis system in your kitchen to leave your water tasting great.

What is Reverse Osmosis (RO)?

Reverse osmosis is a type of water treatment that can remove 95-99% of most contaminants – everything from bacteria and viruses that could make you sick to dangerous metals like lead to minerals that are harmless but affect the taste of your water, like chlorine and sodium. This means that it can protect you from anything municipal water treatment may have missed while drastically improving the taste of your water.

Most reverse osmosis systems feature several filters targeted to removing specific components, such as sediment and chlorine. But the real star is the semipermeable membrane. Tap water is pushed through the membrane to a storage tank on the other side. Pure water molecules are small enough to pass through the membrane, but contaminants are too large and stay trapped.

How Does an Under Sink RO System Work?

There are many types and sizes of reverse osmosis systems, which range from purifying water from a single facet to treating every drop of water that enters your home. For most Scottsdale residents, a simple under sink reverse osmosis system installed in your kitchen is adequate to provide great tasting drinking water without unnecessary expense.

As its name suggests, under sink reverse osmosis systems are installed under your sink, most typically in your kitchen. These systems are sometimes called under the counter RO systems. They connect to your water line there and typically dispense purified water from a special tap. Most reverse osmosis systems include a storage tank to allow water to be treated ahead of time so it’s readily available when you need it. You should choose a system that can keep up with your household’s water usage and fits comfortably under your sink. As reverse osmosis technology continues to improve and become more efficient, tankless systems are now available as well.

Why Reverse Osmosis Is the Perfect Solution to Poor Tasting Water

There are several advantages to installing an under sink RO system to improve the taste of your water that make it a worthwhile investment.

Reason 1: RO Systems Save You Money

The cost of bottled water adds up quickly, especially in Scottsdale’s arid climate. If you purchase all your drinking water, you can easily spend hundreds of dollars per person every year. Bottled water is also cumbersome to transport and can be hard to find in an emergency. And if you don’t drink enough water because you don’t have it on hand, that could lead to dehydration and other health problems.

Most under sink reverse osmosis systems are relatively inexpensive to install. Depending on the system you choose and how much bottled water you no longer need, you may find yourself earning back your investment in less than a year. A well maintained system often lasts ten to fifteen years. There are some maintenance costs as filters and the membrane itself must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions – often once a year. But the cost of those filters is still significantly less than what you’d otherwise spend on bottled water.

Reason 2: RO Systems Are Better For the Environment

Bottled water is a significant source of plastic waste. Even if you recycle every bottle you use, there are limits to how often that plastic can be reused in the same form. And unfortunately, a lot of plastic bottles are never properly recycled and end up in landfills, the ocean, or along the side of a road. According to the EPA, less than 30% of plastic is recycled.

This doesn’t even take into account all the energy used to bottle, package, and transport water, or to create those bottles in the first place. When you install a reverse osmosis system to enjoy your own tap water, you’re reducing waste and lessening your environmental impact.

Reason 3: Ro Systems Protect You Against Other Contaminants

While reverse osmosis systems improve the taste of your water by removing harmless minerals, they also remove dangerous contaminants that could otherwise make you ill. While municipal water treatment is supposed to do the same, there are instances where it fails, or where levels of a particular contaminant are lower than regulated levels but still higher than you may wish to consume. Sometimes a natural disaster or a water treatment plant failure will result in a Boiled Water Advisory, which means that tap water isn’t safe to drink. But if you have a reverse osmosis system installed and properly maintained, you can still drink your filtered water and use it to cook or make your coffee, saving you from inconvenience.

Some bottled water is just tap water, and may not be much different than what comes from your faucet. In many cases, the water from a reverse osmosis system is purer than the water you buy at the store. Water bottles may also leach chemicals into the water they hold, especially if the bottles are exposed to heat or kept for longer than two years. While some bottled water comes with expiration dates to encourage you to drink it before the plastic starts to degrade, it’s legal in the US to sell water that’s already expired. You may be paying to drink water that’s potentially harmful. But with a reverse osmosis system, you know your water is safe, with up to 99% of all contaminants removed.

In Conclusion

An under sink reverse osmosis system is a cost effective way to make your tap water taste great and rid it of any dangerous substances. This is great for your family, your wallet, and the environment. Because these systems must tap into your water line, we suggest you hire a professional like JW Plumbing to handle the installation. As water treatment experts, we can also help you select a reverse osmosis system that’s right for you. Contact us today to start the process towards better tasting water.