Fixtures are the outward facing parts of your plumbing system that you interact with every day. They connect to your water pipes and include a stop valve to turn off the flow of water when repairs are necessary. Fixtures are often changed during a remodel if a homeowner wants a new look.

Bathroom Fixtures

The majority of plumbing fixtures are found in bathrooms. The most common fixtures include:

  • Toilet – Arguably the most hardworking part of your home, a broken toilet is the quintessential plumbing repair! Toilets receive such frequent use that they sometimes leak, crack, or wear out. Even if your toilet is working well, you might consider installing a new model that uses less water each flush to be better for the environment.
  • Shower – Showerheads are more complicated than one might think. They can be chosen for aesthetics, spray pattern, or functionality.
  • Bathtub – Bathtubs are not as popular as they once were, but are still part of many homes, especially those with small children.
  • Sink – You may wish to replace your whole sink or swap out your facet for a new look. You might also consider a touchless, motion activated sink, as is popular in many businesses.
  • Bidet – Bidets are common in many other countries and are gaining popularity in the United States, even here in Arizona! Instead of using toilet paper, a bidet sprays you with water to clean your bottom after doing your business. There are also special seats that convert a standard toilet into a bidet.

Kitchen Fixtures

  • Sink – Kitchen sinks come in a wide range of styles, configurations, and materials. You might prefer a single bowl sink or a double bowl. An undermount sink installed under your counter, or a drop-in sink with a rim. Stainless steel is the most common material used, but many granite, porcelain, and composite options are available.

Plumbing Appliances

While not technically fixtures, there are several plumbing appliances we can install for you.

  • Garbage Disposal – A garbage disposal is a machine under your kitchen sink which breaks down food waste and sends it down your pipes to your sewage system.
  • Dishwasher – It’s best for a professional to install your new dishwasher to prevent any water damage or plumbing problems down the line.
  • Washing Machine – If you are adding a washing machine to your home for the first time, we can set up the necessary water hookups.


Whether you’ve got a leaky faucet or are planning a bathroom remodel, JW Plumbing is here to repair or replace all your plumbing fixtures.

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