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EVERY INDUSTRY MAKES ADVANCEMENTS through technology. Yup – even plumbing! Here are four innovations that you may want to add to your list.

The hot water never runs out…

TANKLESS WATER HEATERS – Everyone loves having hot water, but if you were the last one through a shower on a cold morning, you likely experienced running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters solve this issue by super heating water through a heat exchanger giving you continuous hot water on demand. You can have as many people shower after each other as you want because the unit is designed to never run out. You also get the added benefit of not having to store a large volume of water that could potentially flood.

WHOLE HOUSE WATER AUTO SHUT OFF – Leaks and floods are traumatic and preventable. Most homeowners become aware of a leak much too late and the damage is already done. What if you could sense or detect a leak and stop it before it gets out of control? You can. Whole house emergency shut off valves detect abnormal flow rates and leaks and shut off the water before a flood or damage occurs. Sensors are placed strategically under sinks and near water heaters to alert and shut off the water. They can be linked to your phone app to notify you and automatically be turn off or on from your phone. This is a great investment for any home if you travel often or live with elderly parents. There’s peace in mind knowing you are in control and can stop a leak before it causes any problems.

WATER POWERED BACKUP SUMP PUMP – What do you do if your sump pump fails during a bad storm? What do you do when your backup sump pump also fails?? Water powered backup sump pumps run off of the house water pressure. Ideal for city supplied homes with constant pressure, these sump pumps evacuate up to 1800 gallons per hour and outwork any regular sump pump. If the electrify goes out, your basement is safe until help arrives and power is restored.

SOFTENERS/CARBON BACKWASH UNITS – No one likes the foul taste and odor of over chlorinate water. You can smell it while taking a long hot showers. It drys out your skin, destroys your toilet flappers and makes your water un-drinkable. The ammonia/chlorine and TDS all contribute to your house water smelling and tasting bad. Add to that, scale and scum build up on your glass and fixtures that damages your shower valves, faucets and toilets. That white build up is from afrom hard minerals eating away at metal. Chlorine dissolves the rubber in every plumbing fixture. This leads to replacement far sooner than necessary. The good news is, softeners can remove the hardness from your water and protect your plumbing. Softened water leaves your skin’s and hair’s natural oil and helps moisturize. Clothes are much softer and soap goes a long way. Water lines and toilets aren’t damage by the minerals. Glass shines without needing a scale remover. Whole house carbon filters remove chlorine to greatly improve taste and odor. With a backwashing unit, all the water in the home can be conditioned so that it’s safer to bath and consume. Together a softener and a carbon unit protect your home and improve your water.