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YOU PROBABLY DON’T spend a lot of time thinking about what’s going on behind your home’s walls. At JW Plumbing, we see it frequently. We aren’t called until it’s too late. That’s when things can get very expensive and very messy. But there are simple things you can do to protect and maintain your home’s plumbing – even without a plumber’s help!

We aren’t called until it’s too late.

Here are four things you can start doing now to protect your home’s plumbing.

NO CHLORINE TABLETS IN YOUR TOILET TANKS – We understand. Chlorine destroy the many germs that coat your toilet. But, these tabs also destroy rubber. When you use chlorine tabs in your tank, you dissolve the flapper, washers, and other toilet parts which can lead to leaks and unnecessary repairs. Only use these tabs in the bowl. If you must use them in the tank, keep them in the kits that hang inside the bowl.

NO WET WIPES – If you do not want to call a plumber for an emergency clog, do not throw wet wipes of any kind into your toilet. Unlike toilet paper, which is designed to dissolve, wet wipes do not. And they are the number one case of clogs in sewer lines. Please throw them into a waste basket. If you want to be squeaky clean, consider the installation of a bidet.

NO DRAINO – Speaking of clogs, liquid plumber is not a solution to a clogged pipe. It is a base that dissolves hair but not greases and oil. After it dries, it becomes a harder paste that blocks the line and has to be cabled to be removed. Always use an enzyme-based degreaser to unclog your lines.

GET THE INSPECTION – The best defense is a great offense! Do not react to your problems. Instead, get a yearly plumbing inspection. This is crucial to staying ahead of repairs and finding potential problems before they become emergencies.

An expert or master plumber is well-equipped to find and fix small issues before they become bigger and more expensive.